Friday, July 25, 2008

hey people :) you know wat, i'm really really sad. noone here to comfort me right now :( i really damn damn sad, i need someone so freaking badly. the worst part is, all my SISTERS is watching BATMAN now without me :( they know i so sad also never msg me, only know how to watch movie. i know la i didn't msg them. but ..... haih. i donno le. can someone come comfort me ? coz i really need someone so so badly now. n i miss my baby. damn saddenning. i miss you so much. you're my everything la. omg -__- but i know, you don love me nomore. your feeling towards me has really change, you really don love me as much as you do anymore, you don sayang me like how you always do, talk to me, manja me, pujuk me etc etc. now, you're all just being cold, i don blame you, i'm just a lousy person:) but seriosuly, i've never play with ur feelings b4, i really give you the best tat i can ever give, just to put up a bright smile on ur face every single day. as you always say, it's not worth crying for you, but i tell you, it's worth every single second being with you. you're the one n only tat can brighten up my darkess moment:) i miss you so so much. noone can ever replace you from my heart<3>

you're all i wan, you're all i need, you're everything <3

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

yup, i'm back to the shit hole once again. i just got home yesterday. and yup, life here is as boring as usual. i cant walk properly now cos i just did KETUK KETAMPI for a 100times few days ago and now my leg and ass is killing me. i even have problem wearing my pants now :) lol. but it's worth going through all those pain to finally get to talk back to someone :) anyways, back to the topic, i miss everyone in kl. especially mandy, su, abby n sarny lar. those sluts is part of me. i really cant live without them. but the one i miss most is my little sweet potato. hahaa. and horny too :)
i really hope i can go back soon. so i can get to see you again. i miss hugging you. and i miss ur smell. LOL. and i really miss everything we've all been through. anyways, hope to see everyone soon. mwakz<3>

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

i'm finally 18. I had a really great birthday surprise from all my mandy, su , abby, sarny pin n all :) it was seriously great. it's the first time in my life someone actually gave me a surprice party. though it held in Mc'd, but i really do appreciate it. and now, i'm actually alone in the cyber cafe at 7 something on my birthday. i think i've a curse. LOL. but i'm usedd to it. and i've lost someone really important to me today, on my birthday itself. haih. said i always said, birthday sucks:) well i'm used to it. thankz everyone:) loves.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

yau suen, what you say was right. they don care bout us. we're not what they want all this while. i'll be back soon yau suen. hold on and wait till i'm back there. so we can continue our great plan.
hope you're alright now. and seems like the girls is having lots of fun without us around them. yauuu sueeennnnnn...


Thursday, November 15, 2007

i totally screw my sejarah and maths paper -_____- arghh.

anyways, yeah. just wanna know i really love you, i really know how would you feel right now. just hope you wont think that i'm bullshitting and all. and the most important thing is i'm not having something on with someone or something lar. i really do love you though. i've never played with ur feelings b4. anywayz, i can't wait to see you. love you. mwahzx <3 December is the time that i'll only get to see you and spend all my time with you. cant wait cant wait..

* it wasn't meant to be like this, we were never meant to fail.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today is the first time you've scream at me like that. sorry for making you mad all the time. guess you're not gonna call me back. i'll be waiting for your call.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


it has been ages since i talk to you and see ya. today finally you get to come online. i'm really happy that i get to see you and talk to you. been missing you tonnes, and everyone in kl lar. really hope spm ends asap, so i'll get to go back to kl. sej paper today really sucks. i think i'm gonna freaking fail lar. pftsss. anywayz, miss you ppl lar. mwakzx <3

*i really miss you hair in my face, and the way your innocence taste.